Land Measurements in Thailand

Land Measurements in Thailand If you are looking at buying property in Hua Hin be certain that you understand the Thai measurements system as it is not anything like the metric system. Our real estate lawyers in Hua Hin can explain this in person. Before you sign any legal documents with regards to property in Hua Hin always ensure that you understand what it is that you are buying beofre you sign on the dotted line.

Many might say that a condominium unit with a massive area of 1 talang wah is good value at 500,000 Baht until they discover it is only 4 square meters. Measurements outside of the language is always an issue in Thai property deals. Know and understand what it is that you are buying before you buy a property.

Buying offplan is another major issue when it comes to measurements. If you are being sold on a per square meter bases, note that you need to ask if that is internal or external measurements that is being sold to you. The internal dimensions will always be smaller than th external dimensions as the side of the walls use up alot of the space. Many do still resort ot advertising which is considered deceptive  and the Thai government has come down on this type of advertising rather heavily. We always suggest to people buying property to consult a real estate lawyer in Hua Hin or anywhere in Thailand for legal advice not only with regards to the measurements but also with regards to title deed of the property.

Here is a breakdown of the some of the basic measurements:

1 talang wah = 4 square metres = 42.7 square feet
100 talang wah = 400 square metres = 4,277 square feet
400 talang wah (1 rai) = 1600 square metres = 17,108 square feet
1000 talang wah (2.5 rai) = 4000 square metres = 42,772 square feet

Note again that if you are dealing in Rai you can convert Rai to Acres online or simply to convert Rai to Square Meters see our main website to speak to us online, via our tollfree telephone numbers or in person at any of our offices in Thailand.

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