Property Title Transfer in Thailand

There are a number of general phases that are typically included in the process for transferring property titles in Thailand, depending on the type of property and region.

Due diligence: Do due diligence on the property, including confirming title, looking for any liens or other encumbrances, and making sure the property complies with all applicable laws.

Signing of the contract: Agree to the details of the transaction, including the purchase price and the timeline for payments, in a sales contract with the seller.

Payment: Send the agreed-upon amount to the seller in the form of a down payment and a final payment, as appropriate.

Ownership transfer: When the money has been exchanged, the seller will give the buyer ownership of the property by signing a transfer of ownership document, which is normally done at the land office.

Registration of the title transfer: After making the necessary payments for fees and taxes, the purchaser must register the title transfer with the land office.

A new title deed (chanote) will be issued in the buyer’s name once the transfer has been recorded.

It is crucial to keep in mind that the procedure may take some time, particularly if difficulties or complications develop. Working with an experienced real estate attorney and a respected real estate agent is advised to make sure that everything is done legally and that the process goes well.

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