Sales Contract Review in Thailand

If you are thinking about signing a sales agreement for a property in Thailand, it is crucial to carefully analyze the agreement to make sure it fulfills your needs and safeguards your interests. When analyzing a sales contract in Thailand, keep the following in mind:

Verify that the contract fully and truthfully describes the property, including its location, dimensions, and any unique features.

Examine the purchase price and the terms of payment to make sure that they are reasonable and fair. This can cover the deposit sum, the repayment schedule, and any late payment fees.

Verify that the contract specifically explains the methods necessary to transfer ownership of the property, as well as any associated costs or taxes.

Check for any terms or requirements that must be satisfied before the sale can go through, such as getting a mortgage or passing a building inspection.

Seller warranties and disclosures: Be sure the seller offers any essential guarantees or information about the property, such as its background or any flaws.

Examine the dispute resolution section to make sure it offers a fair and reasonable procedure for addressing any potential problems.

Check that the contract complies with all Thai laws and regulations that are pertinent in order to ensure its legality.

Before signing a sales contract, it is usually advised to have an experienced real estate attorney evaluate it to make sure all pertinent terms and conditions are included and your interests are safeguarded.

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